Lightning Tip: Kill your alarm

image courtesy of H is for Home

For years I battled with my alarm clock, hearing the grating beeping trying to drag me from the comfy darkness and have to do things like get dressed, eat something, go somewhere. Ugh.

Little did I know how simple the solution was.

I started using my cellphone as my alarm clock when we moved and for the first time could set the alarm to a different noise. I set it to a  mellow chime and, lo and behold, it wakes me up, but doesn’t shock me out of sleep.

Not having that adrenaline rush waking me up has made my mornings so much more pleasant and – as long as I’m not trying to push it with the hours of sleep I need – makes me want to get up instead of pressing snooze again and again.

Kind of a “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar situation”. Why we think we need to beat ourselves into submission with a violent, screeching alarm and taste of panic in our mouths in the morning just to drag ourselves out of bed, I’m not sure, but I can definitely say this has made my mornings much better and more efficient without the perpetu-snooze.

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